Corded Drill or Cordless Drill

Nowadays, cordless drills are more popular than corded drills. There are several reasons why corded drills have had trouble competing with cordless models. But the main reason is that the batteries have become much better. The batteries have become much more powerful but also lighter, at the same the prices have gone down. But it still makes sense to buy a corded drill rather than a cordless model in some cases.

A drill is generally the first power tools people buy. It is a very useful tool for tasks around the house. Most drills are also relatively cheap. Traditionally, most people have bought corded drills. But nowadays, cordless drills are a better choice in many cases.

A corded drill has two main advantages, it is cheaper than a cordless drill and there no batteries to worry about. The hammering action of a hammer drill drains the battery quickly. Even if you are not doing heavy drilling, the battery may have discharged by itself because you haven’t used it for quite some time. If you want a powerful drill, the easy solution is to buy a corded drill.

A corded drill is a little bit lighter than a cordless drill. The extra weight of the battery is seldom seen as a large problem. But if you are going to do a lot of drilling, you may prefer a lighter drill even if it is limited by a cord.

Cordless drills are of course not limited by a cord. On the other hand, they are more expensive than corded drills. But if you are looking for something more sophisticated than the cheapest corded drills, you should consider cordless drills. Thanks to improved batteries, cordless drills have become both lighter and more powerful. At the same time prices have gone down.

Professionals often use two quick-charge batteries. The batteries can be charged within 30 minutes, making it possible to work all day, except for the time spent changing batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries are very good, both powerful and lightweight. They have only one drawback, they are expensive. Lithium-ion batteries are generally the best choice for professionals. For occasional use, Nicad batteries are often more suitable. Nicad batteries are not as powerful as Lithium-ion batteries but they are much cheaper.

If you are using your drill very seldom, you may prefer a corded drill. Battery self-discharge is still a problem, a self-discharge of about 10% per month is common. This means that if you haven’t used the drill for a while, the battery may be almost flat. Batteries also have a limited lifespan. If you buy a corded drill, you avoid all potential battery issues.

To summarize, the main reasons for buying a corded drills are
– you want a very cheap “no-frill” drill
– you need a very powerful drill
– you don’t want to worry about flat batteries

If none of the reasons above apply, a good cordless drill is worth having a closer look at. Often they can be used as screwdrivers as well, for this the drill must have a reversible motor and support slow speeds. There are a number of cordless hammer drills, which is fine as long as you are not going to use the hammering action for longer periods of time. If you don’t mind paying a little bit more, go for Lithium-ion batteries.

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