Sanding is a boring and tedious but unfortunately it needs to be done. Thanks to cheap electric sanders, sanding can be done with much effort. It may not be much of a joy but at least it is quickly done. For DIY purposes you have plenty of cheap sanders to choose from. If you want a powerful sander on the other hand, you’d better be prepared to pay a lot more.

There are several different types of sanders. Here are the most common sanders for DIY tasks.


Bosch Random Orbit Sander
The most versatile type of sander is the random orbit sander. It is a relatively new type of sander that quickly became very popular. Random orbit sanders are easy to operate and thanks to the added random movement, the risk of swirl marks is minimized. Most RO sanders use 5 inch 8-hole hook-and-loop sanding discs. Powerful models generally use 6 inch 6-hole hook-and-loop discs. The random orbit sander is generally the first type of sander that people buy.

Makita Belt Sander
If you want a powerful sander which can remove a lot of stock quickly, then a belt sander is the right type of sander. The name comes from theĀ a continuous loop of sandpaper, a belt, that runs between two rolls. Belt sanders typically used first in a sanding task, preparing the surface for the random orbit sander. Although you can use belt sander for fine sanding, a random orbit sander is much better suited for such tasks.

Dewalt Orbital Sander
The orbital sander, also called finishing sander, is used to create a smooth surface. Since the orbital sander uses square 1/4 or rectangular 1/2 sheet abrasive, it is also known as a sheet sander. In most cases, a random orbital sander will do a better job than an orbital sander. If you don’t know if you should buy a RO sander or a finishing/sheet sander, buy a RO sander, they are much more versatile and in most cases do a better job than orbital sanders.

Delta Disc Sander
Disc sanders have a rotating circular disc to which sandpaper is attached. Large stationary disc sanders are typically found in workshops. But small handheld disc sanders are often used for car sanding. Stationary disc sanders are popular amongst woodworkers while small portable disc sanders are typically used for cars and boots. You can also buy combined disc and belt sanders

Porter-Cable Oscillating Multi-tool
You can also use an oscillating multi-tool for sanding. Oscillating multi-purpose tools may not be good enough for professionals. But they can be used for a lot DIY tasks around the house. Thanks to interchangeable accessories, they can be used for cutting, grinding, polishing, sanding, scraping, and many other tasks. Like many other power tools, oscillating multi-tools have become smaller, lighter, more powerful, and cheaper. A very versatile tool which almost perfect for house renovations.

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