Shop-Vac 965-06-00 Wet or Dry Vacuum Review

Shop-Vac 9650600 Vacuum

The Shop-Vac 965-06-00, often just called 9650600, is a very interesting little shop vac. Actually, it more than just a wet/dry vacuum, it can be used as a blower as well. Not only is it a versatile shop vac, it is also cheap, giving you very good value for your money. No wonder that this is one of the most popular shop vacs.

Before getting too excited about the Shop-Vac 965-06-00, it should be mentioned that it is a small shop vac, only 3 HP. It is not powerful enough for heavy duty tasks but it is sufficient for standard cleaning tasks around the house. Another limitation is the narrow hose, 1.25 inch diameter. It is not a problem if you are sucking up dust or other small particles but larger debris may get stuck in the hose. Most likely, you will need an extension cord, the cord is short (6 feet).

Once we have covered the shortcomings, we could go on forever about the advantages of the Shop-Vac 965-06-00. But let’s keep it short and say that it is a very versatile little thing, wet/dry vacuum which can also be used as a blower. It can be used for a lot of cleaning tasks, everything from sucking up water to ash from a fire place.

It is worth mentioning that it is made of plastic. A plastic wet/dry vacuum may not sound good but it has its advantages, you have no problems with dents or rust and it is very durable. The compact size and light weight make it very portable.

The Shop-Vac 965-06-00 comes with a 3 year limited warranty. The only thing you need to before starting to use the 9650600 vacuum is to attach the four wheels to the bottom of the unit.

The customers have given the Shop-Vac 965-06-00 an average rating of 4.2 out of 5. Most of the buyers were happy with their purchase. The Shop-Vac 9650600 can used as wet or dry vacuum, to clean up various messes around the house. But some customers were unhappy with the relatively narrow hose. Here you can read Shop-Vac 965-06-00 customer reviews.


  • Very versatile, dry/wet vacuum and blower
  • Very good value for the money


  • Narrow hose

The following are included with the Shop-Vac 965-06-00
– 1.25 inch diameter, 8 feet Lock-On Hose
– 3x 1.25 inch Extension Wands
– 10 inch Wet/Dry Nozzle
– Gulper Nozzle
– Crevice Tool
– Cartridge Filter
– Disposable Filter Bag

Shop-Vac 965-06-00 Wet or Dry Vacuum Specifications

Air Flow 140 CFM
Sealed Pressure 57 inches
Electrical Ratings 120V, 60Hz, 8.2Amps
Peak Air Watts 230
HP (Peak) 3.0
Power Cord 6 feet
Tank Size 6 gallon

For more details, you can download the Shop-Vac User Manual Here. Note that it is a generic manual, covering not just the Shop-Vac 965-06-00.

Without doubt, the Shop-Vac 9650600 offers very good value for the money. It is a very versatile shop vac, a dry/wet vacuum which can be used as a blower as well. It is not powerful enough for heavy cleaning tasks but sufficient for all normal cleaning tasks around the house. Just remember that the hose is relatively narrow.

You can buy the Shop-Vac 9650600 at, taking advantage of Amazon’s low prices and excellent customer service. Click here to go to

Information From The Manufacturer
6 gallon 3.0hp wet/dry vacuum. Ultra Plus vac. 3.0 HP motor with super quiet housing. Top carrying handle for easy mobility. On-board cord wrap and accessory holder keeps everything together. 12′ cord length. Rugged plastic tank won’t rust and is dent-resistant. Has a 3 year warranty and is assembled in the U.S.A. This can be used for wet pickup in garages or basements. Dry pickup in workshops, basements and vehicle clean up.

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