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Nowadays you can buy a lot of good power tools without paying a fortune.

The most common power tool is the electrical drill. Nowadays a cordless drill is often the best choice but if you are going to do heavy drilling regularly you may prefer a corded drill. A cordless drill can also be used as a screwdriver, making it a versatile tool. You can learn more about drills here

A sander is the best solution for a tedious task. No one likes sanding but it is often necessary to do a fair bit of sanding. Like many other power tools, sanders have become better but also cheaper over time. The random orbit sander is a very versatile sander and it is easy to operate. Thanks to the added random movement, the risk of swirl marks is minimized. You can learn more about sanders here.

You can replace a sander with an oscillating multi-purpose tool. They are not as efficient at sanding as a sander but they can be used for a number of different tasks.

The cordless impact driver has become very useful. Thanks to improved batteries you can get a cheap but powerful impact driver. Here you have more information about impact drivers.

You have a number of different electrical saws. The most popular types are the circular saw and reciprocating saw. Click here for more information about saws.

If you are into woodworking, a router is one of the versatile tools.Here you can learn more about woodworking routers.

Obviously, it is not enough having the right tools, you also need some skills if you are going to do home maintenance. Here you can learn the basics about home maintenance.


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